I can be contacted at    OR    +44774 860 2395

On this website you'll find a selection of my photographic work, divided into categories, all of which is available for sale on the 500PX site.  

The Gallery is split into sections, some project pages which are location-specific and others are thematic.

There is a page about me, more rough sketch than detailed drawing, and some musings on my Blog about how life looks from inside my head - where I vent my feelings and offer opinions on subjects of my choice, for my amusement.

There are links to my Flickr and Facebook accounts, where you'll find images that aren't on this website.

Images are scaled down in size and quality to facilitate faster loading.  I'm sure visitors will understand the need for images on this site to also have a watermark on them: it just makes it a bit more difficult for those people who would want to avoid contributing towards a copy of an image.  Images purchased will, of course, be of best quality and without watermarks.

Thanks to Mitch Egan, Greg Bailey and Thenbman for their advice.









As well as photography, I also have shops on Crafting sites called Etsy and Folksy and regular listings on Ebay.

They feature Blank Greeting cards created depicting images from antique postcards and vintage cigarette cards. Vintage items, crafting goods and tools.